Classroom lessons

Extensive collection of classroom lessons

Lessons are intended for use in any high school biology course; however, many can be used in middle school/junior high school life science and earth science classes, possibly with slight modification depending on teacher's style and approach and the experience and level of students. Many would likewise be appropriate for use in junior college or lower division university levels.

The lessons fall into four major areas:


Within each area, the lessons have been placed into specific topic categories, based on the focus topics of the ENSI program. Some lessons could fit into two or more topics, and this is usually indicated in those lessons, often with appropriate cross-links.

Explore the archived ENSIWEB site for general information about the lessons, teaching units and tips, and lesson topics.

NOTE: Some of the lesson links are "absolute" (contain the full URL), so they will try to take you to the lesson on the old site rather than to the archived lesson. If you have an old URL for the lesson you seek, you can still access it.

The URL for the ENSIWEB main page on the Wayback Machine site is Replace “home.html” with the part of the old lesson URL that follows “~ensiweb/.” Because some of the links within the lessons are absolute links, they will also try to take you to the old site rather than to the next page within the archived site. You will need to use the same procedure above to find the linked page.